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Welcome to our new Pastor David Bueltmann, who signed a contract with Concordia Lutheran Church on Sunday, October 23, 2016.  We welcome him with open arms.  In the 10 months that he has been with us, we have seen changes in our congregation for the better.  Pastor is very encourging to all of us and wants to see this Church flourish. He has many plans for us and these will be starting soon.  He plans to visit all our members in their homes along with an Elder.  Please make him welcome and feel free to discuss your feelings with him.  

Blessed Epiphany!

ChristmasEpiphany (Jan. 6) is the 12th Day of Christmas usually connected to the coming of the Wise Men to see Baby Jesus. Matthew Chapter 2.

Dear Fellow Saints of Concordia!

I hope you had a wonderful celebration of our Savior’s Birth. We had a great attendance on Christmas Eve and our regular gathering on Christmas Morning. What a time to rejoice and celebrate the “Joy to the World,” the arrival of our Savior. Let us share the joy that we have with others with whom we meet along life’s road.

The days between Christmas Day (December 25) and Epiphany (January 6) are often called “the twelve days of Christmas.” We can still celebrate Christmas for 12 days after. Often the day after Christmas people begin taking their decorations down and consider the celebration over. We continue our celebration even to January 6 when we celebrate the coming of the Wise Men. We know the Wise Men came later (up to two years) because in Matthew’s gospel it says, “When they came to the house where the child was.” The child was no longer in the stable where the shepherds found him.

With the shepherds coming to Jesus as well as the Wise Men, this is a clear indication that Jesus came for all people. The Jews and the Gentiles are all welcome to enjoy the blessings Christ brings by His life, death, and resurrection.

It is hard to believe that I have had the privilege of serving you for a year. It has been a joy for me and I hope that it has been a blessing to you as well. If you have any suggestions to enhance our time together, please let me know. I have a list of favorite hymns from members that I will try to use frequently. I will be happy to add to the list.

We are ready and prepared to have Sunday School any Sunday that children are present, so bring the little ones to Jesus.

May the Lord continue to bless our time together in serving Him.

In Christ, our Savior, Pastor Bueltmann

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